Sunday, August 16, 2009

IntegraTUM WebDisk on RHEL 5.3 x64 using Tomcat 5.5.28

WebDisk lets you push CIFS to HTTP via an application server.

Here's an example install on RHEL 5.3 x64 / Tomcat using Sun Java JDK.

Instalation is very much identical on Windows (Replace with C:/tmp/webdisk for example).

In this example we assume an application server gets installed on and is the CIFS server.

Create the tomcat users:

useradd tomcat

passwd tomcat

su - tomcat

Download and unpack tomcat:


gtar zxvf apache-tomcat-5.5.28.tar.gz

Add the tomcat manager role (replace with your password).

ed apache-tomcat-5.5.28/conf/tomcat-users.xml


Add the following roles (inside tags of course):

role rolename="manager"

user username="tomcat" password="tomcat" roles="manager"

Setup Java

Download and innstall Java (if not installed) - Java SE Development Kit 6u16 from

chmod +x jdk-6u16-linux-x64-rpm.bin

su -c ./jdk-6u16-linux-x64-rpm.bin

rpm -ql jdk-1.6.0_16-fcs | grep bin

echo "export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_16" >> ~/.bashrc

. ~/.bashrc



Start TomCat:


Login: tomcat:tomcat

Install IntegraTUM WebDisk

cd ~


gtar zxvf IntegraTUM_WebDisk_0.44.tar.gz

mv IntegraTUM_WebDisk_0.44 ~/ba

Create ba.xml:

ed ~/apache-tomcat-5.5.28/conf/Catalina/localhost/ba.xml

Create web.xml:

cd /home/tomcat/ba/webapp/WEB-INF/

cp web_default.xml web.xml

ed web.xml


Create /tmp/webdisk:

mkdir /tmp/webdisk

chmod 777 /tmp/webdisk/

Restart Tomcat:

cd ~/apache-tomcat-5.5.28/bin/



You should now see ba Display Name: IntegraTUM WebDisk in Make sure it's started.

Access your application:

You login with the username / passsword on the CIFS server OS. Make sure a "username" folder is shared.

You may also want to check out Davenport WebDAV SMB Gateway:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Microsoft banned from selling Office in the US by Texas Judge

Here's something you don't see everyday.. Texas judge bans Microsoft from selling XML based products like Office 2007 in the US:

This creates a pretty nasty precedent... remember, OpenOffice does the same thing too...

The patent: