Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Download HQ MP4 or FLV movies from youtube

Just add the following without the quotes after the youtube film URL and use something like FlashGot (or grab the full URL with Firebug) to download it:

"&fmt=18" for HQ MP4 format
"&fmt=6" for HQ FLV format.

The "Flash Video Resources Downloader" Firefox addon seems to get this right and is able to download FLV, HQ FLV and HQ MP4 format movies from Youtube and can also handle similar sites. The downside is reliance on a web hosted php script (it means visiting this site every time you want to download something to grab the URL).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Export VIM syntax highlighting to HTML

You can export the colorscheme based syntax highlighting in used in your VIM instance to a HTML file.

Just set a colorscheme and enable syntax highligting in VIM"

colorscheme torte
syntax on

Then you can export the same color scheme to a HTML file:

:runtime! syntax/2html.vim

This works for any file type supported by VIM. Just make sure you save the file before using the right extention.

Script for automating hardlink creation

:: Linking script
:: Usage: ln "source\REGEXP" destination

@echo off
set sourcedir=%1
set destdir=%2
if "%1" == "" goto usage
echo "Linking" %sourcedir% "\*" to %destdir% "\*"

if not exist %destdir% mkdir %destdir%
:: Create the destination directory if it does not exist

if "%1" == "" goto end
for %%i in (%sourcedir%) do fsutil hardlink create %destdir%\%%~nxi %%~fi
goto iterate

color 4f
echo "Usage: ln.bat source-directory\REGEXP destination-directory
echo "If the destination directory does not exist it will be created."
echo "If a fully qualified path is not used, current directory will be used"

set sourcedir=

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Scripting VMware Infrastructure with PowerShell

You can script VMware Server and VMware Infrastructure using Microsoft PowerShell CmdLets and the VMware VI Toolkit. It's really great for scheduling and automating tasks, since the scheduler in VMware Infrastructure Client is severely limited

You need to install the .NET Framework (2.0 at least), PowerShell 1.0 and the VMware VI Toolkit. All are freely available.

Get-VICommand to list available cmdlets and read the VI Toolkit Cmdlets Reference for documentation.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Creating hardlinks on Windows

You can use fsutil on Windows XP and Windows 2003 or mklink on Windows Vista and 2008 to create hardlinks in a Windows environment. This requires a NTFS filesystem.