Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Download HQ MP4 or FLV movies from youtube

Just add the following without the quotes after the youtube film URL and use something like FlashGot (or grab the full URL with Firebug) to download it:

"&fmt=18" for HQ MP4 format
"&fmt=6" for HQ FLV format.

The "Flash Video Resources Downloader" Firefox addon seems to get this right and is able to download FLV, HQ FLV and HQ MP4 format movies from Youtube and can also handle similar sites. The downside is reliance on a web hosted php script (it means visiting this site every time you want to download something to grab the URL).


Anonymous said...

typo: fmt=6 for HQ flv (instead of -)?!

cmihai said...

Yeah, typo.

MP4 format is nice for ipods and stuff, I missed that option from with youtube stuff.

Good for tutorials or whatever when you need better quality too.

Still looking for a plugin that automates this without using a 3rd party website hosted script.