Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sun buys MySQL: So far, so good... so what?

Sun Microsystems Inc. CEO Jonathan Schwartz answered some questions on his blog regarding Sun's future involvement with PostgreSQL, JavaDB Oracle relations and their plans with MySQL.

Sun also release a "Press Kit" on their webpage.

Some people on the other hand aren't too excited about the Sun - MySQL AB deal. Some even think this is a plot mastered by Larry Ellison to destroy MySQL (tinfoil hat, anyone?). Here's what Marketwatch has to say on the subject:

"BERKELEY, Calif. (MarketWatch) -- Sun Microsystems Inc. gobbling up MySQL is perhaps the worst single event I have ever witnessed in the history of tech mergers and acquisitions."


Unknown said...

This topic is meant to generate flames. It's highly debatable if the merger is going to have a positive effect on the open source movement or business apps whatsoever. One can only speculate on this matter. Write a post in 6 months on the subject and we'll see if the Megadeth'sque title was a good choice :)