Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hyper-V - Windows 2008 Virtualization

Can't say Hyper-V is much fun. It seems to fail in spectacular ways when it comes to running non-Windows operating systems. FreeBSD 7 (AMD64 and i386) builds fail to boot, OS/2, eComStation and QNX fail to install (QNX 4 installs, but fails to boot after), Solaris 10 doesn't get past the GRUB screen (at least in the 10 minutes I've waited) and other operating systems experience strange issues:

QNX in Hyper-V:

OpenBSD install:

Though OpenBSD did install after all:

So far, it seems that VMware Server (or ESX) is a safer choice. Even though it's probably possible to get some of these systems installed with some tuning, I wasn't all that pleased with graphical performance either. The Debian installer for example was very sluggish.

And it seems to crash quite often:

Still, the version in Windows 2008 RTM is actually Hyper-V RC0, so I'll wait for a release version to come out before bothering with it anymore.


Cosu said...

*nixes aren't officially supported so it's no wonder you've ran into so much trouble. Try running some win2008 machines and you'll see they run just fine.
It's a major improvement over virtual server 2005. Snapshots!Backups!OMG!
And until they'll release the standalone hypervisor they can justify the "core install" thing by saying "hyper v and core install work great together" :)