Thursday, February 21, 2008

PowerShell, PowerTab, PSCX, Console, Terminus and Vim

Here's something for all you Powershell / WMIC / VB / cmd script monkeys :-).

You can, of course, script in ksh, Perl or Python if that's your thing. (ActiveState Perl / Python).

Powershell + PowerTab + PSCX + Console + Terminus Programmers Fonts + VIM + VIM PowerShell Syntax Highlighting.

Here's another PowerTab Theme and PSCX (PowerShell Community Extensions):

A cyan BackColor to match my prompt:

And of course, a good color scheme and PoSH syntax highlighting in VIM is also nice:


Anonymous said...

Nice Picture ;-)

I see that you have yellow "pixels" in your Powertab border.

That is becouse most fonts to not support the Box characters to draw the border.

to remove the pixels you can set the bordercolor to the same color as the BorderBackground color :
In your case for the standard theme of PowerTab this would be :

$PowerTabConfig.Colors.BorderColor = 'DarkBlue'

you can see all configurable colors byt looking at :


you can also try one sample themes provided with Powertab

Import-TabExpansiontheme f:\PowerShell\Powertab\ColorThemes\ThemeHotdogStand.csv

Greetings /\/\o\/\/

cmihai said...

Ah, thank you. Much nicer.

I thought the "yellow dots" were a "feature" :-). Anywho, PowerTab rocks.