Wednesday, March 05, 2008

GNU Screen for the win! - Solaris, AIX, HP-UX

I really love the hardstatus line in .screenrc :P. Just upgraded this machine to 8.3 too, so don't mind the title. (C-a A - OpenVMS-8.3) xD

Credits for the .screenrc hardstatus line go to Han:

log off
hardstatus alwayslastline "%{-b ck} %?%-w%?%{+b}%n%f %t%{-b} %?%+w%? %= %l %D %d/%m/%Y %0c "
hardstatus on
escape ^Tt

Wallpaper is some image off flickr + GIMP + my favorite palindrome:
In girum imus nocte, ecce et consumimur igni.
We enter the circle by night and we are consumed by the fire.
(Drawn like moths to a flame).

By popular demand:

GNU Screen works just fine with that hardstatus line even on HP-UX systems. One thing I did though, was use:

env TERM=xterm-color screen

To start screen after ssh-ing in. After screen starts, you'll probably want:

TERM=vt100; export TERM

Also. You can put them in your profile. Using TERM=screen doesn't always work well.

Of course, you can just use TERM=dtterm, or even use dtterm, as done here via ssh -X to my AIX server :-).

As you can see, the AIX and HP-UX versions need a bit more work (or a fixed sized terminal in case of AIX):


Anonymous said...

Didn`t work in hp ux :-)

cmihai said...

Works fine in BSD, Solaris, Linux, etc. You need to tune it a bit on HP-UX, but it you can get the same effect.

cmihai said...

Added a screenshot of that .screenrc on HP-UX :P.

sysprv said...

For a few seconds there I thought you had that desktop running on OpenVMS...

Unknown said...

How can i run IBM-AIX under x86 ?

cmihai said...

You can't (ancient 1.x version or Simics aside). And you don't want to either.

Unknown said...

But in HP-UX we have TSM and it even has a screen saver :-P

Daniel Forga said...

aloha, vezi ca acel ecce e in plus in palindrom :P in rest, toate bune... mai putin chestia cu AIX pe x86 :)) are you kidding me?