Friday, August 03, 2007

Gaming on Solaris

A few games one can play on Solaris:

Grab the Quake 3 packages (for either SPARC or x86) and the data packages (demo) from pkgadd -d and enjoy a nice game of Quake 3. You'll need a good framebuffer on SPARC or a NVIDIA card on x86 though. They also have OpenArena and a couple of mods. PS: The beer mug is an Opera widget called "Friday Fun". It fills up as Friday approaches.

Or maybe you'd rather have a nice game of Quake 2:

Or why not, even Quake 1, using the Darkplaces engine:


Izlude said...

Old topic? Yes... Old news? NO!!! If anyone is out there, please read this!!!

I've toyed around with Solaris and found that it's probably the greatest thing ever created... Although I'll admit it's not very fun...

Apple has iTechnology (ipods phones movies photo features - basically a box for a spoiled teen)

Microsoft attracts the Graphics enthusiast and hard core gamer and over clocker.

'nix family is a good place to learn open programming which in turn could easily be ported to Windows or Mac.

Sun... what could you possibly offer? Though I'll admit, Solaris utilizes your hardware to it's maximum potential. I'm not exaggerating here. Take game consoles for example, the OS does not interfere with the hardware while the game plays.

Solaris does just that. It's a game console without the games. It's a server without the bottleneck we face today. Since it is a free OS, anyone can get it and program for it. Rise up! Make Solaris "YOURS"! If Uncle Sam were still alive, he'd advocate "I WANT YOU" in regards to building a community dedicated to reviving this unattractive yet powerful operating system!

Good Luck everyone, happy programming.