Monday, August 06, 2007

Master bootable OpenBSD install media

Mastering your own bootable OpenBSD image:

Note that you can use cdXX.iso and do a network install, or use 2 cdroms (one with cd41.iso and another with the install sets) or even a floppy and install media with the install sets, but it's nicer to master your own DVD or CD image. Of course, it's also nice to help out OpenBSD and donate or purchase the official install media. We'll assume a i386 architecture here.

  1. Create the directory structure
    % mkdir -p OpenBSD/4.1/i386
    % cd OpenBSD/4.1/i386
  2. Download the install images and needed files to the directory we've just created from your local OpenBSD mirror (follow the similar directory structure).
  3. Download sources and ports if needed (ports.tar.gz, src.tar.gz, etc). Add packages if you're making a DVD.
  4. Use mkisofs to create the bootable image:cd ../../
    % mkisofs -vrTJV "OpenBSD41" -b 4.1/i386/cdrom41.fs -c boot.catalog -o OpenBSD41.iso ~/OpenBSD
  5. Test the image. You can use qemu:
    % qemu -cdrom ~/OpenBSD41.iso -boot d
  6. Burn the image to a cdrom or DVD using cdio(1), cdrecord or growisofs.
  7. Install OpenBSD.