Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maximum login name lenght - Username too long in AIX 5.3

# useradd itssomeguy
3004-694 Error adding "itssomeguys" : Name is too long.

# getconf LOGIN_NAME_MAX
# lsattr −El sys0 −a max_logname
max_logname 9 Maximum login name length at boot time True
# chdev −l sys0 −a max_logname=18
sys0 changed
# reboot


Chris DeVille said...

You'll also want to allow passwords longer than 8 characters. AIX won't throw an error, but if your password is "abcd123456", then it only uses "abcd1234" since it uses the legacy Unix crypt subroutine by default.

/etc/security/pwdalg.cfg lists the available password algorithms...

select the algorithm you want to use in /etc/security/login.cfg:
pwd_algorithm = ssha256

cmihai said...

Heh, yeah. It's probably a SUS or POSIX thing, the same thing is true on Solaris.