Friday, January 23, 2009

Ubuntu wtf number 1984

So, what's new THIS release of a "server" (read: we don't know much about all that stable ABI and API business, but hey, we make this stuff easier than before)

Oh yes, the new "select-editor" command. Indeed. Suggesting people to use $EDITOR? You're a poisonous person, get out of our community!

Select-editor command

Running the

sudo select-editor

command now allows you to pick which editor will be used by default to edit documents.

I mean, seriously. 6 months for a new "server" version and that's all they could come up with? Probably only has "nano, pico, joe, kedit, gedit and Vigor" as options anywho. And most likely depends on Python and GTK2.

This release also featuring the all improved one of a kind "Uncomplicated Firewall". Apparently it just has an "on/off" switch.


Anonymous said...

c'mon man, give them a fuckin break :P ubuntu is desktop oriented anyhow, u have to be nuts just to consider using it as a server... :) upstart is an interesting way of dealing with processes, on the other hand (replacing init runlevels)

Anonymous said...

talking about the on/off firewall switch... wait until you see the one in leopard mac os x :)) frigging hilarious

the ipfw is disabled by default =)) fucking idiots