Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winodws 7 beta hands on preview

A first look at Windows 7:

Looks and feels pretty much like Vista SP1 on steroids.

Graphically it's not much different from Windows Vista (with the slight exception of the taskbar). There's some minor UI changes and so on though.

VMware actually assumed it was a Windows Vista when I selected the ISO, and proceeded to start "EasyInstall" and automagically installed the OS without any kind of input.

So, at least from the installer point of view, it's pretty much 100% compatible with Windows Vista.

All VMware tools and drivers installed fine also.

Even our old friend "The Ribbon" is omnipresent. Now even mandatory when using Wordpad:

Of course, remember, this is still a beta...

All and all, it can be considered somewhat as an evolutionary change from Windows Vista, and not a revolution by far. It's more of a Windows Vista SP2 "Plus". I just wonder how this will reflect on Vista sales and such.


Cosu said...

Just had a major frustration: the current version of daemon tools won't install. other than that it feels quite neat. i think that it has major usability improvements and it can get a little bit addictive (drag a window to top of the screen and it will maximize, same goes for dragging it to the left and right edge but this time it will tile vertically). back on vista now and something fells wrong :)
btw check out the win2k r2 beta. it came out recently.