Thursday, January 15, 2009

Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter x64 Beta Hands on Preview

Windows 2008 R2 is also in the works.

Some major changes there it seems. The 2008 release was a bit rushed IMHO (Hyper-V still in Betas on release and so on).

And again, our new friends, the taskbar and the ribbon from Windows 7 are present:

Also comes with PowerShell v2.

Task manager, resource monitor and performance monitor got a few new additions also:

Overall, my first impression is a positive one. Seems pretty responsive also.

For some reason a lot changes withing the monitoring tools and taskmanager remind me of Mark Russinovich's Sysinternals tools.

Even trivial applications such as CALC got a new facelift and functionaly in Windows 7 and 2008 R2 . Like "Programmer mode" calc:

Even minor applications are getting a facelift. Paint gets ribboned too:


Cosu said...

I've read that they'll always launch a beta version of hyperv with the windows RTM. The hyperv team needs time to sync with the final windows build. Not doing that would mean that there would be a delay between the code freeze and the actual market release.

cmihai said...

Sounds OK... unless they start adding more components using the same development model :-). They you'll have the RTM shipping with betas of everything :P.

And we can just call all RTM's / GA's BETAs and wait for SP2 :-].

Unknown said...

Well isn't that what everyone is doing ? :)
Name one major MS product that didn't have to get a SP to be "perfect" :)