Thursday, November 22, 2007

100th post - feedback on improving content

This started off as a place for my notes, screenshots and specific tutorials for friends, but over 4 months of so, I've managed to get 100 posts (and a couple more drafts) on various technical computing subjects I stumble upon in my daily activities, or just cool stuff I like to promote. Problem is, I don't really get that many visitors - 69 average daily visitors (81.2% new) and up to 40 subscribers, and receive very little feedback (comments) or coverage (links).

Yes, I know some posts are long and boring, and the topic can be quite diverse (thus may not interest everyone and may bore my regular audience to death), but remember, most posts are usually target at a specific issue or person. The template needs a lot more work too (loading time optimizations, a social bookmarking bar with small icons, etc).

Apparently the secret to blogger popularity is in writing short subjective (or inflammatory) posts on common subjects every now and then, social bookmarking and an extensive "blogroll". That, or the Slashdot Effect. That's why you often find blogs posts on blog posts that have 10000 times more hits than the original.

So, what am I whining here about? Basically, I'm looking for some constructive criticism. Feedback people, feedback! What am I doing wrong, what am I doing right, what would you like to see here, and how could I get more readers without compromising it (e.g.: turn this into a LOLCAT blog). Feel free to add comments...


Anonymous said...

Heh. Do you need lots of viewers or do you need to know that your posts are read by interested people and interested people find them interesting?

Anyway, change the fsck semi-default layout.


cmihai said...

The second. Like I said, if I just wanted a lot of users I would have started a LOLCAT blog. Yes, I know the layout sucks, I'll change it when I have time.