Sunday, November 04, 2007

CoolStack 1.2 is out: Optimized Open Source Software Stack for Solaris

Cool Stack is a collection of optimized applications like Apache, PHP, MySQL and so on that work seamlessly out of the box. The new 1.2 version also includes lighttpd, and it is SMF integrated.

Coolstack Content:

  • CSKamp. This package is now comprised of 3 packages: CSKapache2, CSKphp5 and CSKmysql32 for a more flexible installation. The 3 components are pre-configured to work together. The MySQL included in this package is a 32-bit version with client-side support to work with PHP. For the database server, we recommend the CSKmysql package which is a 64-bit version, allowing the use of larger caches to deliver improved performance for large databases. However, on smaller systems you can use the 32-bit MySQL in this (CSKamp) package for the database server.
  • CSKruntime. New! This package containes core libraries used by many of the other packages and should be installed first.
  • CSKmysql. This package includes a 64bit version of MySQL5 and is built with innodb. See the README file in the mysql install directory for details.
  • CSKperl. This package includes Perl 5. In addition to being better optimized, CSKperl includes several perl extensions used by popular applications.
  • CSKphplibsbundle This package consists of libraries required by various PHP extensions and is made up of 3 packages: CSKtds, CSKncurses, CSKphplibs
  • CSKmemcached. This package includes memcached, a distributed object cache system.
  • CSKruby. This package includes ruby, rubygems and rails.
  • CSKsquid. This package includes Squid Web Proxy Cache.
  • CSKtomcat. This package includes Apache Tomcat which is a pure Java application. It is provided for convenience as it is no different from the one on
  • CSKlighttpd. New! This package includes lighttpd, the increasingly popular, light-weight http server.
This new version of CoolStack is SMF integrated, and works with SMF out of the box. You now longer need to edit SMF manifests by hand.