Monday, November 12, 2007

Security Pro Admits to Hijacking PCs for Profit

Security consultants ran botnets on their client machines."

"A computer security consultant accused of installing malicious software to create an army of up to 250,000 "zombie" computers so he could steal identities and access bank accounts will plead guilty to four federal charges."

"According to an FBI informant who asked not to be named, Schiefer was a member of Defonic, a hacker group that included the individuals identified in the paragraph above as Zach "Majy" Mann, as well as "0x80". Another member of Defonic --- Cameron "cam0" LaCroix -- earned his reputation after breaking into Paris Hilton's cell phone account and later leading the group in breaching data giant LexisNexis, a stunt in which cam0 and several others pulled sensitive records on more than 310,000 people, including a number of Hollywood celebrities."

So much for trusted 3rd parties.