Monday, November 12, 2007

The Blogosphere is safe for another day

The attack that was supposed to occur on the 11th failed to materialize, even though sites such as have distributed packets like "E-Jihad30.exe".

F-Secure reports that "this tool creates a botnet using a server at — a domain registered to Iraq. However, we've been monitoring this server all day and its IP address continues to point to So at least regarding this botnet, nothing is gonna happen."

The "Electronic Jihad Program" is part of the long-term vision jihadi Web site has to use the Internet as a weapon, something that affects any organization that relies on the Web. Electronic Jihad allows users to target specific IP addresses for attack in order to take any servers running at those IP addresses offline. The application even includes a Windows-like interface that lets users choose from a list of target Web sites provided via the Al-jinan site, select an attack speed (weak, medium, or strong), and the click on the "attack" button."

This is all an attempt to manipulate large masses of people to take part in a distributed Denial of Service attack, and serve the purposes of the tool's creators. In other words, they actually expect people to run the trojan / virus / work /whatever themselves.

And again, script kiddies have been doing this for years, and have had little effect on the "Interblag".