Wednesday, November 14, 2007

IBM's AIX 6.1 released, Open BETA ended

The AIX 6.1 open beta has ended, and AIX 6.1 has been released. Those with older processors such as Power 3 will need to upgrade (to POWER6, POWER5, Power 4 or PPC970 processors) if they plan to run AIX 6.1.

Cool new features in 6.1:

  • Workload Partitions
    A new, software based, virtualization approach that complements the existing IBM System Logical Partitions by reducing the number of operating system images that have to be managed when consolidating workloads.
  • Role Based Access Control
    Provides improved security and manageability by allowing administrators to grant authorization for management of specific AIX resources to users other than root by associating those resources with a role that is then associated with a particular system user.
  • AIX Security Expert enhancements
    The AIX Security Expert has been enhanced to provide an option to store security templates directly in a Lightweight Directory Protocol (LDAP) directory—simplifying implementation of a consistent security across an entire enterprise.
  • Name Resolver Caching Daemon
    The Name Resolver Caching Daemon is a new facility to cache host lookup information locally which can improve the performance of applications that access this type of information multiple times.
  • probevue dynamic tracing
    probevue is a new dynamic tracing tool that can simplify debugging complex system or application code. This tool allows a developer or system administrator to dynamically insert trace breakpoints in existing code without having to recompile the code.
  • System Director Console for AIX
    This new facility provides direct access to the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) in a Web browser. The System Director Console for AIX is included with AIX 6 and does not require any other Web server or other software.